Frank S. Rose

Frank was born in 1927, the ninth child of Philadelphia newspaper writer, Don Rose and his wife Marjorie. He began painting in his early teens.

He has served as a member of:

The Colchester Art Society in England

The Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists in Canada, where he served two years as President

The Bucks County Art Alliance in Pennsylvania,

The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, serving as President 1987-1988.

He is a signature member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and also of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

His work has been exhibited in Colchester, England, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada,

Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, various shows in Tucson, Tubac and Phoenix.

His paintings have been accepted into four Western Federation of Watercolor Societies shows, receiving an Award of Excellence at the 13th Annual Exhibition.

His painting won Best of Show in the Arizona Sonoran Desert- Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild exhibition 1996-1997.

He had paintings accepted in the Arizona Aqueous shows 1986, 1989 and 2007

He, and his wife Louise, have lived in Tucson since 1982.  His artist son, Owen, lives near Tucson and exhibits with the Big Horn Gallery in Tubac, Arizona and Cody, Wyoming.



Frank is the author of “Mountain Wildflowers” published 2011 by the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, and its sequel: “Mountain Trees.” which was published in 2012. He also painted the illustrations for the book: “Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest” by Charlie Kane.

With Bob Maginel he co-authored the book “The Joy of Spiritual Growth.” Other books include: “Reflections on Providence” based on the book “Divine Providence” and  “Reflections on Heaven and Hell” based on the book  “Heaven and Hell” both books by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

He is represented by Orchard Artworks Gallery in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

In July, 2003, Frank retired as Pastor of Sunrise Chapel, 8421 E. Wrightstown Rd., Tucson, where he had served for 21 years. He now lives in retirement, devoting his time to hiking, searching out wild flowers, and painting.




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  1. cedric king says:

    Dear Frank, What a joy to discover your web site! These close-ups of flowers remind one that – the more deeply one looks into anything created by the Divine, the more wonderful it is! If we human beings could apply the same lens to each other, what inner beauty we might uncover and so inspire. Speaking of inspiration I have been using the spiritual growth format you developed in a weekly support group for stroke thrivers and their caregivers. They love the gems and weekly tasks. Many thanks! Cedric King

  2. Hi Frank,
    I really like your blog. Your book on the wild flowers of Catalina Mountains is a really useful field guide – I wish they were all done the way you did this book. I have used it to identify flowers in the San Francisco Mountains near Flagstaff, and the White Mountains, though not all the flowers are the same. It was important for me to get the flower identifications right because I was working on my master’s research on bumble bees in northern Arizona. While doing this work I came to notice and enjoy many of the more inconspicuous flowers — I like your photos of tiny flowers on your blog.
    I would LOVE it if you could write a field guide for wild flowers of northern Arizona. Keep up the good work,

    • Frank says:

      Hi Liz,
      Thank you for your kind words. Right now it seems unlikely that I will be able to do the flowers of northern Arizona, though we are planning to go there and photograph as many as we can find. At least I can post some of the ones I find on the blog!
      all the best

  3. Fred Fisher says:

    I was glad to learn of your blog after using your book “Mountain Wildflowers” to identify flowers in photos I have been taking in Sabino Canyon the past 2 years. I volunteer at the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center once a week during the winter months and often get questions about wildflowers, so I am trying to learn as much as I can. If you can send me your email address, I would like help in identifying one flower I photographed on the Phoneline Trail last April.

    Thanks/Fred Fisher

  4. Valerie Morrill says:

    Dear Mr. Rose:
    I heard your presentation at the AZ Botany meeting on Feb 22 2014. I really enjoyed it. I’d like to share some highlights with my local AZ Native Plants Chapter. Would you be so kind as to provide some basic info on your camera set-up for photographing ‘invisible flowers’?
    Thank you,

    • Frank says:

      Hi Val:
      Thanks for the note. Glad you enjoyed it. I had to get a new camera body – a Cannon EOS Rebel T4i. To that I attached a Canon Macro Photo Lens MP-E 65mm, and to the camera I attached a Sigma flash, DM-140DG.
      I have been some amazing results. all the best, frank

  5. Marcus Peacock says:

    Frank, I really enjoyed browsing your blog. The photography is just excellent even if, as a mid-Atlantian, I am not familiar with most of the species.

    I ended up here because your grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers. Yours, Frank Hodson Rose, and mine, Samuel Hodson Rose. Samuel never said much of anything about his family to his only two grandkids so it was not until recently that I was able to introduce the Hodsons and other Roses to my mother and aunt. They include a pretty incredible line-up of printers, writers, artists (including you!), and publishers. They also have deep roots in the New Church. I was wondering if there was an informal family historian among your end of the family that I could share notes with to see what I may be missing, especially about ancestors of Frank Hodson Rose?

    • Frank says:

      Hi Marcus:
      How amazing to hear from you, and learn of other relatives. My brother-in-law, Robert Genzlinger, compiled a lot of information about the descendants of Don Rose (my father) and his wife Majorie Wells. Robert’s wife, my sister Muriel, is still alive and well. I do not know if he included much of your side of the family. I would be interested in learning more. Thanks for writings.

  6. Teresa says:

    Mr. Rose,
    Would you please tell me where I can purchase a print/litho/copy of you paintings, especially, the falls paintings? My husband grew up in Tucson and some of his best memories are hiking and camping in the canyons. I would love to give him a print

    Thank you for your time
    Teresa .

  7. kathy Neff says:

    I, unfortunately, loaned my wildflower poster and never got it back so was wondering if you have another? I tried at Sabino and Palisade but said they no longer sell them. I miss referring to and learning from this poster. How can I purchase one?

  8. June Nickell says:

    Mr. Rose,
    You re cently wrote to the Ajo Chamber of Commerce about coming here in April. ,2016 to speak about edile plants. If you are available on April 4,The Ajo Garden Club would like you to be a guest speaker on that topic around 10:30 that morning.
    June Nickell You can email me or call at (520) 387-6122

  9. Myra Marcum says:

    Mr. Rose, I purchased a single card from your collection at the Singing Awind Book Shop when I was in Benson, Arizona, last month. I live in East Tennessee; how can I purchase more cards, and do you have other art work for sale? God bless, and I love your work!

    • Frank Rose says:

      Thank you for those kind words. I have a number of landscape paintings for sale, and there are 9 of those flower cards that you bought. Later I will post some pictures of paintings on this blog.
      Thanks for writing.

  10. Astrid Randall says:

    Hi Frank,
    I stomped the staff at Sabino Canyon trying to identify a wildflower we’d seen along the road between stop 8 and 6. Couldn’t find it in your book either. Can I send you a picture in hopes you might know what it is?

  11. Margaret Larmour says:

    Dear Mr. Rose,
    The SaddleBrooke-SaddleBrooke Ranch MasterGardeners would love to book you for a talk for our monthly community lecture series. Would love to hear from you if you are interested.

    Margaret Larmour
    (520) 307-2100

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