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  1. elaine mcclain says:

    Mr. Rose,

    My husband and I learned about you last week in Washington state when he sang the Lord’s Prayer at a friend’s memorial and the pastor told us of you. Glen Alden told us of you. The friend of Paul, whom the memorial was for, I believe her name was Kay, also attended Sunrise Chapel at some time in the past when you were there.
    My mother and brother are taking us on a trip to Tucson tomorrow and wondered about possibly seeing the chapel. My relatives love flowers and hiking, although my mother or husband could not do that now. If it fits into our schedule we’d love to see the natural beauty of the area. We will be seeing someone’s farm and also the Sand Hill Cranes. We stay overnight in Douglas visiting relatives.
    Just thought I’d touch base with you in case something might work out. When do you do your next nature walk? I may buy you book for my mother; or find it in the local library. Might it be there in Phoenix?
    Hoping to meet you,
    elaine and jerry mcclain

    • Frank Rose says:

      Sorry I didn’t pick u you message earlier. I just went to see the Sandhill cranes last week- it was wonderful. My next nature walk is Saturday Feb. 21, meet at Sunrise Chapel, 8421 E Wrightstown Rd, Tucson, at 8:45 am. Back by noon or 1 pm. We would love to see you. thanks for writing.

  2. Linda Stelljes says:

    Just wondering when your flower walks on Mt. Lemmon will be starting up this summer? Enjoyed them so much last summer and fall and want to get these walks onto my calendar. 🙂 Linda Stelljes (Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol)

    • Frank Rose says:

      Sorry to be so long replying. The walks start officially on the first Thursday in June, but we will probably have a couple of them the last two Thursdays in May.

  3. Rick Scearcy says:

    It is always a pleasure to chance upon you and Ed on the various trails we wander.
    Patty and I randomly select our hikes, so we enjoy and look forward to seeing you and Ed out and about.

    You mentioned that Ed spotted an orchid along the trail. Did you get a photograph? If not what’s the name the flower?

    Be well,
    Rick & Patty

    • Frank Rose says:

      Thanks for the comment. We actually saw three different Coral Root Orchids – the Spring, Spotted and Striped (Wisteriana, Maculata, Striata). This last hike it was the striped. I have pictures I have taken before but did not try to get any new pictures.

  4. Carla A Friedrich says:

    “The walks start officially on the first Thursday in June…”
    Hello Frank,
    Will you do any guided hikes in July? Are they always on a Thursday? I have to take off for Convention on June 25th- July 3rd. I will be back in Silver City from July 6th or so until July 21st. I would like to drive over with a friend or two. I rise extremely early (3-4 am) in the morning, love to drive, and it’s only about 2.5 – 3 hours from here. We’d nearly be back home before dark!

    • Frank Rose says:

      I do plant walks every Thursday (9 am at the Palisades Ranger Station), and the third Saturday of every month. The next one will be July 16, meet at Sunrise Chapel 8:45 am. thanks for asking.

  5. Lia Lavallee says:


    Are you planning a walk on Saturday September 17th? If so, I would like to attend, if possible.

    Thank you!

    • Frank Rose says:

      Yes – I will lead a plant walk on Sep. 17, meeting at Molino Basin at 9:30. I would love to have you join us.

  6. Lia Lavallee says:

    Thank you! Are you meeting in the parking lot?

    • Frank Rose says:

      For our monthly plant walks we meet at the parking lot of Sunrise Chapel (8521 E Wrightstown Rd, Tucson) at 8:45 am. The next one is Saturday, September 17 love to see you there.

  7. Krystal Allen says:

    Please contact me regarding the Mountain Oyster Club event.
    Fine Art Connoisseur

    • Frank Rose says:

      My painting was approved for the Mountain Oyster show. The Artist and Patron reception is on November 19, and the Official opening of the show is on Sunday, November 20. My son, Owen, also had a painting accepted for the show, which runs until January 14, 2017.

  8. Marti Haskins says:

    Dear Mr. Rose –
    My maiden name is “Nash”. George and Mary Gayle are my parents. I have several of your paintings and you are one of my favorite artists. I will be in Tucson in November to visit Mom and I wondered if you are still painting and have any art work for sale? I would love to see you again too. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Much love from Northern California,


    • Frank Rose says:

      Hi Marti:
      Thanks for the note – I would love to see and your dear Mother – you could come to the studio on your visit. I look forward to seeing you again.

  9. Vivian Hutchins says:

    Hi Frank, I’ve admired your work (both painting and floral photography) for many years. Could you please share the process a painter must use to apply for the Mountain Oyster Club event? I suppose it’s possible they may have to be interested in one’s work and it works the other direction, as well. Thanks, Vivian

    • Frank Rose says:

      Thanks for the question. You apply to the Mountain Oyster Club Art Committee, 6400 East El Dorado Circle,Suite C100, Tucson, 85715. Good luck.

  10. Sheila Barry-Harris says:

    Hi. If there’s room, my husband and I would very much like to join your plant walk this Thursday, August 10. May we meet you at Palisades Ranger Station at 9a.m., please?

  11. Nicole Rasor says:

    Hello Mr Rose,
    When is your next flower walk on Mt. Lemmon. My son is really sad he missed it today.
    Nicole Rasor

  12. Lydia DeRobertis says:

    Hi Frank,
    I’ve attended your flower walks on Mt. Lemmon in the past and would love to do so again. Please put me on your mailing list. Thanks.

    • Frank Rose says:

      Sorry to be so late in replying – for health reasons I have had to stop leading nature walks. The group meets every Thursday at the Palisades Ranger Station at 9 am, from June to September.

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