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Waiting for a new computer


















This is Frank’s son Owen Rose posting for my Dad while his new computer is being built. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo I took of Frank on the trail. Majestic, don’t you think? He will begin posting again once the computer is back up to speed.



My new blog

At my retirement party, ten years ago, I was given a set of luggage and a digital camera. My wife and I soon put the luggage to work, traveling to England, and a few years later to California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Australia and New Zealand. The camera launched me into a career as nature photographer, resulting in two nature books, and hours of bliss hiking around Arizona. In this blog I plan to share some of my nature experiences (and pictures), as well as paintings, stories, and whatever else comes into my head. My dad, Donald Frank Rose (1890-1963), wrote a daily column published in the Philadelphia newspapers called “Stuff and Nonsense.” This blog is sort of a stuff and nonsense project – the stuff being mostly things I am learning as I continue to explore the wonderful world of nature, and the nonsense being little human interest accounts from my present and past experiences. Thanks for joining me.