In the process of writing “Mountain Wildflowers” I came across a number of plants with very small flowers. I called them “invisible” since most people, including myself, would pass by and not even see them. The idea expanded to include clusters, where the individual flowers are rarely seen. I then looked at composite flowers, whose name suggests that what looks like a single flower is actually composed of many much smaller ones. Then there were those little beauties that are small, but still visible and definitely worth a closer look.

This blog has been silent for quite a while. My somewhat feeble excuse is that I was working on four new books, which is partly true. Anyway, this week I got my first shipment of my new book: “Small Wonders.” Here is a picture of the cover, designed by Owen Rose, and a sample page.

Thanks to my super macro camera, I can now take pictures of items that are smaller than a quarter of an inch.

There are over 200 species in this book. In most cases I have a life-sized picture of the flower in the upper corner, right near the enlarged version, as you fan see in the sample page.

Published by the newly formed Hardy Perennial Press, at $21.95, it will eventually be available from ISBN 978-1-7325402-0-0

The other three books in the assembly line are: 1 – An illustrated guide to the Santa Catalina Mountains, 2 – Glorious Grasses, 3 – Choose Joy –  Fifty-two Tasks on Spiritual Growth.

6 replies on “NEW BOOK JUST OUT”

  1. Bevan Olyphant says:

    BRILLIANT.. I look forward to the day
    this accomplishment is on my library
    shelf. If I can purchase on from you
    let me know how I should go about it

  2. Jeffrey M Neff says:

    Excellent! This is a achievement. Happy to purchase one as well.

  3. Frank Rose says:

    Thanks Bevan,
    The best bet would be to come to one of my book signings. The first will be next Saturday at the Community Center in Summerhaven – 2:30, Saturday, September 15. The next will be in Tucson, Friday, October 5, at Sunrise Chapel, 8421 E. Wrightstown Rd., Tucson (between Pantano and Camino Seco) Starting at 6:30 pm.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Yay! I can’t wait for all these books! I wonder if Small Wonders is available to preorder on Amazon…I can check. Love, Chelsea

  5. Frank Rose says:

    Thanks for checking. Just let me know.

  6. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! This looks like a gorgeous book. Can’t wait to see it.

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