Some years ago my life was changed by the purchase of a new camera and lens. With it I was able to photograph even the smallest flowers, and this led me to write a book, “Small Wonders” many of the pictures being only possible because of the new camera.

And then came another change. Our son, with his wife and daughter, was here on a visit, bringing an unexpected gift – a new kind of camera, unlike anything I have ever seen before. It plugs into the computer and only takes pictures of things that are really small. Amcap – Digital Microscope 20x-800x Magnification 8-LED Mini Microscope Endoscope Camera Magnifier.

Right away I was struck with the difference between human made objects and living things.

I photographed one of my recent watercolors. The new camera produced a beautiful highly textured picture, showing the paper and the way the pigment settled into its peaks and valleys. Then I photographed the painting and printed a copy. The extra close-up camera showed that this print consisted of a series of smudges and dots.

A portion of the painting

Close up of the painting

Close up of a print of the painting


I suspected that living plants would be very different. To test my theory I photographed a spurge in our front yard (some kind of Euphorbia). With the naked eye and with my ordinary camera, I could not tell whether it was in bloom or not. Then I took a picture with my usual close-up camera and found that indeed it was. Finally I used my new Amcap camera, and found all kinds of detail I had been missing. With the new, even more powerful equipment I could go into more and more detail, and no matter how far I went, I would still be seeing new things until finally arriving at the molecular level. There is a kind of infinity in living plants that is quite astonishing and endlessly fascinating. And, by the way, it is in bloom.


Euphorbia seen from above

Euphorbia with my close-up camera – below, with the new camera

5 replies on “NEW CAMERA”

  1. Doug Ripley says:

    Thank you Frank for describing this interesting new development! Good grief, I can only imagine what new avenues this will open up for you. I can just see your next book: “Flowers on the Molecular Level”!

    Best wishes

  2. Tryn says:

    This is remarkable

  3. Kristin King says:

    Amazing. I love that what we think we know/see is as nothing compared to the worlds within and beyond.

    • Frank Rose says:

      Thanks – and as Swedenborg wrote: “Collect your wits and look through a good microscope and you will see incredible things, and the deeper things that you cannot see are even more incredible.” Divine Providence #3

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