PAINTINGS – “Light and Dark”

Light and darkWhat is the hardest thing about painting? This is a question I sometimes ask my watercolor students. The answer I give is: Deciding what to paint.  In the last few years I have had an annual show at the Contreras Gallery in Tucson. Here are some of the themes: “Rocks and Water”, “Clouds”, “Landscapes with Flowers”.  But what was going to be my next theme?  For months I could not come up with an answer. Then one day it seemed very clear: “The Grand Canyon.”  I have hiked in the Grand Canyon a number of times and have taken well over a thousand photographs. A few months ago I went through my collection and came up with a dozen to paint. Here is one of them. I was drawn to this picture by the contrast of light and dark. I will be posting more of this series as I finish them.

4 replies on “PAINTINGS – “Light and Dark””

  1. Tryn says:

    Love this. Keep the pretty views coming.

  2. danelle says:

    Nice meeting you and your wife on the trail this weekend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and interesting facts about the area. Look forward to reviewing your blog. Danelle

  3. Dee Fletcher says:

    Hi Frank….Your blog is wonderful, and your paintings of the Grand Canyon create a “tug” in my heart. It is such a magical place, and you capture that quality in your paintings.

  4. ALDITHA says:

    Wonderful picture! really love it

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